Inspired by travel and exploration motifs, Web Eyewear has evolved over the course of the years to interpret fashion’s more on-trend, never forgetting its history. A retro touch combined with modern features is the winning combination that has defined the brand, leading it to timeless success.

The Web Eyewear collection explores the new season with a dynamic spirit, moving from the charm of the past to the discovery of new perspectives. The brand sets off in search of new silhouettes, tones and materials, to turn its vision into a unique experience. Vintage inspirations and design elements give life to a collection that modernizes the shapes with elaborate profiles and redesigns the lenses with bold colors. The iconic “torchon” detail, which is the quintessence of the brand’s heritage, becomes both an aesthetic and functional element that takes center stage in the new sunglasses and optical frames. The fronts take on new lines and are embellished with crystal decorations and bright hues, while classic pilot silhouettes dialogue with modernity thanks to Web’s ever-evolving stylistic research and great attention to subtle nuances.

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