Theo produces the boldest of shapes in the most brilliant colors in the independent optical world period. This Belgian collection tests even the bravest in the eyewear fashion world with its Avant-Garde designs. Fun, playful, and diverse, each Theo frame is its own conversation piece.

Theo is an eyewear brand that takes vibrant colors and unorthodox shapes and turns them into wearable art pieces. There is no corner of creativity that is left untouched, from Theo’s amazing colorful acetates to sleek metal wireframes with bold graphic patterns. Theo has captured the essence of fun and Avant-Garde in all their brilliant eyewear designs. The brand has shown its appreciation for individuals worldwide for over 20 years, every design is to always provide free thinkers an outlet to convey their love for the funky side of the fashion world. They have expressed that "Theo loves you" and you can truly tell within the craftsmanship and excellence that brings the bold and brave people into the spotlight.