ADD COLOR TO YOUR LIFE - Introducing Sofvue lenses comes in a palette of vibrant colors, and are perfect for any and every occasion. So, pick your favourite shade and dazzle the world in them. After all, your eyes say everything about you.

WITH ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY WE CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK - With world-class technologies such as Color Shield and High-Definition, the lenses further enhance comfort, health and vision.

COLOR SHIELD TECHNOLOGY - Sofvue lenses are designed using some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques that prevent pigments from coming in direct contact with the eye.

AQUA SMOOTH - Sofvue improves wearer comfort with a unique hydrophilic coating on the lens surface.

HIGH-DEFINITION VISION - Provides clearer and sharper vision, with its aspheric technology, by controlling eye aberrations.

Available in 15 colors, to suit your personal style and preference.

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The Mysterious Look

A dash of style, sophistication, and sass. Available in a host of vibrant and intensifying hues, now look your best with Sofvue’s colored lenses. Pick your shade.

Aqua Blue | Chocolate Opal | Sky Grey | Desert Hazel | Dusk Brown

The Enchanting Look

Shades of fun, fabulous and feisty. Explore your inner diva with Sofvue’s latest range of enticing colored contacts lenses, which further accentuate your personality. Take your pick.

Emerald Green | Forest Brown | Hazel Brown | Pearl White | Purple Sapphire

The Independent Look

Glamour up in style, with Sofvue’s range of colored contact lenses. Enhance your personality and discover your perfect shade of confident, bold and quirky. Pick your favorite-colored lenses from Sofvue’s latest collection.

Cloud Grey | Smokey Gray | Sun Gold | Sunrise Hazel | Warm Hazel