Everchanging patterns and chromatic visions, intricate textures and stunning details that come to life through light. This is what makes marble unique, elegant and infinite in its countless combinations of color and texture.

Off_Beat follows the same patterns of elegance and distinctiveness. Color is the hero and becomes shade, texture and detail.

Off_Beat is individuality. The Off_Beat collection is born in the heart of the Dolomites, UNESCO heritage site. This majestic and unique environment is also precious and fragile. It teaches us every day to love our world, to protect it for ourselves and for future generations. And that’s why Off_Beat is using eco-friendly packaging produced exclusively from sustainable sources.

Off_Beat uses exclusively sustainable acetates rich in color and texture. Several acetates are laminated in layers through a delicate and careful process, to create infinite color combinations and a visual impact like no other and are then hand polished for exceptional brightness. The structure is exceptionally solid thanks to another Italian excellence, a five-barrel hinge that provides superior stability and strength.

We Believe in a Fantastic World.

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