Poineering sustainable, fashionable and affordable eyewear. This brand of eco-eyewear is made from recycled plastic bottles, recylced aluminium, and includes sustainable lenses.

High fashion shouldn't come at the expense of our environment. This is the guiding principle of MITA Eyewear, a brand pioneering the use of sustainable materials in sunglasses and optical eyewear. Through its "Reshape" philosophy, MITA is passionately dedicated to redefining the relationship between fashion and sustainability.

Emerging from Miami, MITA brings to life the eclectic fashion sense and multicultural background of the ever-changing Magic City in sustainable eyewear, built with innovative materials of the highest quality, and inspired by the art of Italian design and craftsmanship. The MITA collection includes both optical and sunwear styles, catering to a culturally diverse audience of men and women.

All of MITA’s products are made from sustainable materials, like recycled water bottles, recycled aluminum, and biodegradable lenses. MITA also takes pride in the fact that even its packaging is made from 100% sustainable materials.