MARKUS T is a luxury brand of fashionable eyewear from Germany. It is highly innovative, modern, crafted with great care by hand, light and very comfortable to wear, and 100% made in Germany.

The name ‘MARKUS T’ comes from its designer, Markus Temming. He is the founder and the designer of this exclusive eyewear since 1999 by using intelligent technical construction. He successfully created top-quality eyewear by following the age-old tradition of German engineering.

A pair of MARKUS T glasses is a quality product that is 100% 'handmade' in Germany. It is one of the few brands in the eyewear industry that manufactures glasses without screws. MARKUS T eyewear is now one of the top luxury brands of glasses. And it has earned its status much because of its quality. They use selected materials that are titanium and synthetic material TMi. The construction materials become quite resistant and flexible, which is why MARKUS T developed frames with minimalist parts for their glasses by seeking new ideas of pairing design matching its essence.