Klenze & Baum are a manufactory for 3d-printed exclusive eyewear based in the heart of Munich, Germany.

Two longtime friends, Aurelien Mierswa and Stefan Roesinger are the founders of Klenze & Baum. Their manufacture is located at the corner of Klenzestrasse and Baumstrasse. Thus, the name KLENZE & BAUM.

Klenze & Baum have set up shop in Munich with their production of additively manufactured eyewear. The special feature in the production of their glasses is the specially patented ball joint of the VOYOU and SUMO collections. This has a unique function: if the temple is overloaded or overstretched, it can give way and even pop off. The hinge can be reattached within seconds with just a flick of the wrist. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the virtually indestructible glasses are not only very lightweight but also pursue a major sustainability aspect. Because the glasses are easy to repair, there is no need to buy new glasses if they break, and 3D printing prevents overproduction. Say goodbye to frames that break at the slightest impact and hello to a fearless life.