Launched in 2019 by Heidi Hertel, Fitz Frames is a customized eyewear service specializing in children’s glasses. Fitz is dedicated to solving glasses for parents and kids and alleviating the frustration that comes with finding the right pair. In the US, Fitz offers kids and parents customized, 3D-printed glasses via an app using advanced facial mapping and a life-like augmented reality try-on. Fitz Frames has revolutionized the optical experience making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

Fitz Frames is transforming a previously stressful purchase into one that allows parents peace of mind. Fitz Frames are durable, stylish and give the wearer fashion freedom. Glasses are 3-D printed using Selective Laser Sintering laser printers at the Fitz Frames factory in Youngstown, Ohio, making them extremely lightweight and using very little waste during the manufacturing process. Glasses are made using polymer powder, electricity, and dye and come in a recycled box, with no extra plastic or unnecessary materials. Fitz Frames patented snap-fit hinges make the glasses play-ready and eliminate the risk of loose screws - making sure there are no interruptions to parent’s or their children’s days. The feature also allows for the mixing and matching of different colored temples for kids to change up their look day-to-day.