Every Eque.M piece is the accumulation of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, which can only be found in Fukui, Japan. Having Bold and Fearless as our virtue, and a relentless attention for detail, every craftsman is proud of every meticulous creation, in pursuit of beauty and functionality.

“Bold and Fearless” is at the core of the unchanging ethic of the brand. the designer, Eque. M, combines this belief and superior functionality, to bring every wearer the eyewear experience of a lifetime. In an era of varied identities and an overflow of information, the brand is a one and only existence that proposes a unique view of style and luxury.

Our acetate finishes that bring out the brilliant colors and our signature dazzling luster require significantly more time than the average procedure. Our metal creations demand the use of the purest titanium, refined in Japan, which with the intricate designs, is revealed by critics and fans from around the world.

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