COTI offers an entire range of glasses chains, glasses holders, necklaces and unique reading glass solutions that instantly transform your glasses into a fashionable accessory. Extremely versatile as most items are designed to be used as a mask chain and a stand along necklace. Each COTI chain is carefully and passionately created to deliver a punch of uniqueness and character and offer a fusion of function and fashion in a palette of bursting colours to inspire a look which is bold and beautiful.

International Eyewear Chain & Accessories Brand COTI Vision®️ announce their latest release of glasses chains with a burst of colour that shouts getaways and nostalgic holidays.

The symmetry of the elliptical shapes of LUNA creates of balance of harmony and accentuates the brilliance of the unconventional rich tones. There are 6 striking options available in a palette of colours designed to take you on a Tropical holiday: Avocado green, Aubergine purple, Tangerine, Toffee, Tutti Frutti and Kaleidoscope which were designed to encompass all the majestic hues of a romantic tropical sunset.Each colour way is unique with no two pieces ever being the same.

All COTI chains are designed to be worn as an eyewear chain, mask chain or stand-alone necklace.

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