Your existence is the pinnacle of individuality. Nothing like it could be created in the same way, ever. B U by Jaupin honours that very idea. Intuitive and passionate, driven by his love for unique eyewear design, Jerome Aupin has mastered the art of crafting a pair of timeless, truly bespoke eyewear that is in every way truly unique and truly yours.

Every pair of eyewear at B U by Jaupin is Endlessly Unique because it has been conceptualised, designed, and handcrafted with you in mind. At the core of this pursuit of personalisation, is an almost dedicated devotion to detail. From the shape of the frame to the colour, material, design, and hundreds of such aspects are discussed in depth before the pair even reaches the craftsman’s table.


Step by Step from the first meeting till the finalized eyewear within two weeks


A rendezvous with our in-house designer

To capture every unique detail of your face, a personal interview with our in-house designer will be the first affair. Our experts will help you choose the best shape, design, and colour for your sunglasses or glasses. A comprehensive examination of your optical needs coupled with the quest for a personal sartorial statement will kickstart an endlessly unique experience.

Testing prototypes and translating a voguish vision into reality

At the second specialized appointment, the master artisan will present you with your uniquely designed eyewear's custom 3D model prototype. Any alterations to the size or designs of your one of-a-kind frames will be introduced as per your preferences.

Delve into an experience that is ardently bespoke - uniquely crafted for you, by you

The sum of art, luxury and individuality and a celebration of craftsmanship, your uniquely designed and handcrafted pair of eyewear will be delivered and properly adjusted to your eyes. A unique pair curated for the unique pair of eyes.