The new Brioni Eyewear Collection conveys a style-centered narrative inspired by the Houses’ heritage of impeccable tailoring and by a casual, nonchalant expression of modernity and urbanity. The softening of codes seen in the new men’s collection, built on a renewed sense of ease and lightness, reconfigure the signature shapes of the season merging the House’s rich tradition with 60s influences and contemporary accents. The octagon, a core emblem of uncompromising distinction and perfection, is subtly evoked on every single frame, with faceted profiles and cuts that elevate the collection’s essential and understated feel through Brioni’s intricate work of precision. Retro allure and present-day sophistication fuse to create an immersive journey, a unique sequence of sunglass and optical designs that stand the test of time as true wardrobe staples focused on style, comfort and functionality. Lightweight structures are crafted with polished combinations of acetate and metal, marked by the iconic Brioni logo, reinventing classic eyewear with the attitude of the now. Warm and natural shades add emphasis to the uncomplicated yet assertive look. Frames are integrated with mechanical flex hinges that increase the notions of comfort and adaptability reaffirming the House’s passion for flawless quality and elevated elegance.

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