No one does it like Rivoli Vision.

Walk in for an experience like no other, including eye testing that delivers customized solutions for your eyes. Also explore our wide selection of premium eyewear brands and an unmatched service experience, delivered with pride.

Comprehensive Eye Test (CET):

A 20 minute consultation with our trained optometrists will help determine the right vision correct to give your eyes the comfort they need, using our state-of-the-art technology.

Various Lens Options:

Choose from our wide offering of optical lenses and prescription types including Single Vision, Progressives, Digital Lenses and more.

12-Month Power Change Guarantee:

Avail a pair of optical lenses for free if your prescription changes within 12 months.

International Eyewear Brands:

With a diverse selection of sunglasses and optical frames from international brands, pick a style that suits your individual needs.

Eye Candy For Kids:

Shopping for kids has never been easier. We have got you covered with these benefits on your little one’s eyewear purchase. Dual Power Change Guarantee and Breakage Warranty.

Insurance Coverage:

Avail hassle-free insurance benefits from your insurance provider in store.

Driver’s License Eye-Test

Begin your driving journey with us. Book your driver’s license eye test at our stores.

Store Footprint

We are now closer to you with over 90 stores across UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

And more.

Visit your nearest AVANTI, ZEISS Vision Center, Rivoli EyeZone and Style 88 to know more. Click here.