Avanti is the luxury eyewear concept by Rivoli Vision.

Providing the world’s finest in eyewear and bespoke eye care, Avanti houses some of the most stylish and exclusive brands such as Masunaga, Brioni, Boucheron & Fred and exquisite collections from Cartier, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few making this a shopper’s paradise for those who know what they want, and are accustomed to the finest quality and unique trends.

Based on unique designs, the stores’ décor is inspired by nature’s palette, contrasting with the beauty of the contemporary eyewear it showcases.Beyond the avant-garde range of eyewear styles, Avanti stores are also official ZEISS Vision Expert centers, and home to cutting edge ZEISS vision care technology for a contact-less eye testing experience and bespoke optical lens solutions.

Avanti boutiques deliver highly accurate, truly personal, and individualized services for the finest vision care experience in the region. The ZEISS Vision Expert experience is available exclusively at all Avanti boutiques across the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

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A Bespoke Experience For Your Eyes With Avanti By Rivoli Vision

Today’s active, ever-connected lifestyles and business environments have impacted our vision. While we enjoy bespoke experiences, Avanti By Rivoli Vision ensures that your eyes aren’t left out. The new ZEISS experience offers eye care solutions tailored for your vision with professional eye measurements and expert analysis.