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Prescription Sunglasses

Our regular optical frames with optical lenses (eyeglasses) provide vision indoors and at night. However, they are unable to provide optimum clear vision outdoors or on a sunny day when people complain of uncomfortable glare and squinting of eyes. To address these complaints prescription sunglasses are recommended. As the name suggests, prescription lenses are fixed on the sunglasses of the user’s choice.

Advantages of Prescription Sunglasses

• Provide best possible vision correction in bright outdoors
• Can be made with varying tints to suit the user’s taste
• Protection from glare and eye strain on sunny days
• Prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses can benefit those who spend more time outdoors. These lenses have a special filter that blocks bright reflections of light from water, sand, pavements, automobile hoods and windshields
• Can be an alternate for contact lenses for users who feel dry-eyed or uncomfortable especially at the beach
• Since wearing contact lenses is not advisable while swimming due to the risk of severe eye infections, specially made prescription sunglasses can be a great alternative
• Available with single vision and progressive prescriptions
• Available with all lens materials to suit the customer’s lifestyle and need. Materials available include polycarbonate, trivex and high index lenses
• UV protection – all prescription sunglasses block 100 percent harmful UV rays. Since UV protection is unrelated to the colour and density of the tint in sunglass lenses, you can choose any lens color and darkness you like, as long as your optician verifies that the lenses provide 100 percent UV protection.

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