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Book an Eye Test

To maintain a lifetime of healthy vision, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive eye exam at least every year.

Why is an Eye Test required?

Eye tests play a huge part in making sure your eyes stay healthy:
• To indicate whether you have good eyesight or need to start wearing glasses
• To check if symptoms such as headache, eye strain, blurred vision, redness of eyes are related to your vision or prescription
• To check if your prescription needs to be changed
• To help detect some common medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, cataract etc. before the actual condition manifests or the person gets to experience symptoms

When should you go for an Eye Test?

No universal standard exists for the frequency of eye exams. Recommendations differ among individual eye doctors, as well as among the various professional associations. We at Rivoli EyeZone recommend that you conduct an eye test once every year. Check Yearly, See Clearly...

Several factors may determine how frequently you need an eye exam, including your age, health and the risk of developing eye problems. However, if you notice any difference in your vision, if you fall into a certain age group, or have started experiencing some of the symptoms outlined above, it’s best to book an eye test appointment as soon as possible.

What should you bring to the Eye Test?

In particular, bring a list of any prescription or non-prescription medications you are currently taking or that you took on a regular basis in the past.

If you currently wear corrective lenses, bring all the pairs of eyeglasses that you wear routinely. If you wear contacts that were prescribed elsewhere, bring a copy of your most recent contact lens prescription.

Also, be sure to bring a copy of your vision insurance card and any other medical insurance cards you have, if you are seeking insurance coverage.

Finally, prepare and bring a list of questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with your optometrist. And if you are interested in specialty services such as contact lens fitting, be sure to mention this.


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