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Modern optical lens coatings, provide great benefits to the wearer, thanks to their optimized hardness properties. However, caring for and cleaning the lenses correctly is very important for your while wearing eyeglasses.

Why is caring for optical lenses so important?

• High quality eyeglasses are an investment towards clear and comfortable vision.
• Incorrect optical lens cleaning can cause microscopic scratches - which are initially invisible but can diminish vision.
• Scratches cannot be removed from modern plastic or glass optical lenses. The lenses have to be replaced.

Lens Cleaning Spray

Lens cleaning spray ensures thorough and yet gentle cleaning of your optical lenses. Simply spray the liquid onto the microfiber cloth and clean both sides. Optical surfaces can be cleaned gently and thoroughly in exactly the same way. The spray contains no aggressive cleaning substances that could damage the lens, the coating or the optical surface.

Lens Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is used for effective and gentle optical lens care every day. In conjunction with a lens cleaning spray, after drying or rinsing the eyeglasses under running water, the microfiber cloth enhances the performance and life of your optical lenses.
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