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Contact Lenses for Sports

If you exercise or play sports regularly, contact lenses can give you crisp vision and freedom of movement which is quite different than glasses.

When playing sports like football, tennis etc., your field of vision should be wide and guarantee continuous visual perception to allow you to follow a fast-moving object, such as a ball. With your whole field of vision in focus, you can follow the action with perfect clarity. Contact lenses can enhance visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination.

Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

  • Contact lenses give you better peripheral and lateral vision than glasses
  • With contact lenses you have a more complete field of vision, potentially higher visual acuity in each eye and better contrast
  • With contact lenses all dimensions are real, meaning the images you see are not altered in shape and size.
  • Unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t slip down your face if you’re sweaty, or bounce up and down while you’re running or working out.
  • During rough or contact sports such as rugby or martial arts, contact lenses also remove the risk of eye injury from broken glass.
  • Contact lenses do not fog up, get covered in raindrops or get dirty in bad weather and, in dry conditions they won’t get dusty.
  • Contact lenses with a UV blocking feature provide additional protection to your eyes from the sun all day long – whether that’s up a mountain, on the cricket pitch or playing beach games.
  • Contact lenses guarantee sharp, stable vision and they can be worn under masks, protective goggles and helmets.

Sports in which you benefit most from wearing contact lenses

While all sports are played better to some extent when wearing soft contact lenses, below are some of the activities in which you will notice the biggest advantages:

Racquet games

Think how much better your tennis, badminton or squash game could be if you weren’t so worried about your glasses falling off and breaking every time you reach for a shot.


This vigorous sport, like any other cardiovascular activity, has an energetic up and down movement. Contact lenses remain well positioned and provide crisp clear vision.

Ball games

Ball games like basketball, football and volleyball, require 360 degree field of vision at all times. Contact lenses with their wider field of vision help you keep everything in sight.

Contact lenses for swimming and water sports

As a rule, contact lenses and water don’t go well together. Not only can they dislodge or come out, water-borne bacteria can attach themselves to your lenses and cause infections.


If you are a regular swimmer, it’s recommended that you invest in prescription swimming goggles. If that’s not an option, daily disposable lenses are the safest type of contact lenses for water sports. They are more hygienic as there is less chance of a bacteria build-up and you can throw them away after single use.


Protection is key when it comes to sailing. The windy, salty and often sunny environment can be harsh on your eyes, so consider wearing contact lenses with UV protection, to safeguard your eyes from the sun. Salty air and wind can also make your eyes dry and lens wear uncomfortable. Ensure you have a pair of non-prescription sunglasses as a back-up.
Did you know that extended exposure to harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect the skin as well the eyes? So consider UV protection when it comes to choosing your contact lenses. Ask our optometrist for the contact lens brands that offer UV protection.

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