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Try before you decide to buy

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy wearing contact lenses, but we want you to be sure too. With all the available varieties, you may have questions. That’s why we suggest you try them before you buy.

Finding the right lenses depends on your lifestyle, budget, and vision needs. So once you have had your assessment and have decided on which lens is right for you, we will give you contact lenses to try for free. It’s just another way to ensure that you and your lenses are perfectly matched.

Contact Lens Eye Test and Assessment

Few things affect your quality of life more than your vision. You should never put it at risk. Proper care, frequent replacement of lenses and regular eye check-ups by an optometrist are essential in keeping your eyes healthy.

We recommend an eye test every year, if you’ve had an eye test in the last one year, our optometrist will assess your vision basis your current prescription so that you’ll be given the most suitable lenses for your lifestyle needs. If you had your eye test done with another optician just bring a copy of your prescription with you to the assessment.

Once we’ve had a good look at your eyes, our optometrists at the store will recommend the lenses that best suit your lifestyle.



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