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Your Contact Lens Store Visit

A contact lens appointment is slightly different to the standard eye test we conduct in our stores but just as important, especially if you’re just getting started with contact lenses. Here’s what our optometrist will do at the store when you visit for a contact lens consultation.
Your Contact Lens Store Visit Explained Get Contact Lenses in Store
Before you start wearing contact lenses, you’ll need to have two types of examination in order for us to make sure that we choose the best lenses to suit your requirements.

The first appointment is a standard eye test, where the optometrist will examine your eyes, checking the quality of your vision, as well as an overview of the health and function of your eyes.

If you’ve had an eye test within the last one year, you won’t need to have another one. We can fit contact lenses within one year of your last eye test, but we’d recommend that you have an up-to-date eye test so that we can fit your lenses to the most accurate prescription. Carry your recent prescription with you.

Your Contact Lens Store Visit Explained Get Information on Contact Lenses

Before your contact lens consultation begins, our optometrist will brief you about the various contact lens options that suit your lifestyle, prescription, visual needs and the best option for you, such as daily disposable, monthly disposable.

Our optometrist will check the front surface of your eyes as part of our Slit Lamp examination to make sure that your eyes are healthy for comfortable and safe contact lens wear.

If you already wear contact lenses, ensure that you wear them to your appointment – unless you experience any irritation or discomfort.

Then, the optometrist will check to see that the lenses fit well on the eye and that, your comfort and vision with the lenses is optimal.

Once the optometrist is happy that the lens fit and results are right, he will take you through the steps involved in lens handling and care which are important for you to know as a new contact lens wearer.

Need an eye test?

To ensure that your contact lens appointment is conducted smoothly, you’ll need to have had an eye test within one year of the appointment. This way we can ascertain that you’re getting the optimal vision and comfort out of your contact lenses.

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Need an Eye Test?

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